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Kurt's Story

I grew up in a Christian home. My earliest memories include attending church with my family. While I grew up in church, I never took ownership of my faith until sixth grade. Riding my bicycle home from school, I was hit by a car and almost lost my life. While recovering in the hospital, I read the Bible with new interest. I took ownership of my relationship with Christ.

In high school, I traveled with Teen Missions, Intl. to Switzerland for a summer of mission work. At the beginning of the trip, I began to sense God’s call upon my life. A speaker in an evening rally challenged us to come forward if we sensed God’s call to full-time ministry. That was the moment I went public with the calling God placed upon my heart.

In college, I pursued a degree in computer science. While interning for IBM, I realized the computer field was not the way I was called to serve Christ. After college I left IBM and began attending Westminster Theological Seminary.

While in seminary, I became interested in student ministry. I was a youth pastor until God placed a new desire in my heart. This new desire was to lead and preach in a local church.

Cindy's Story

My wife was not raised in a Christian home. In her mid-twenties, while at a low point in her life, she came across a pamphlet which explained the Four Spiritual Laws. As she read it, God touched her heart and she asked Christ into her life. She began attending a Free Methodist Church where she was discipled in her faith by an older Christian couple. She attended the church and was part of a small group Bible study for the next three years.

I met her while attending the Willow Creek Community Church singles ministry. She knew I was studying for the ministry and as our relationship progressed, so did her excitement for serving Christ together. Today her primary ministry is raising our three children. She is a natural encourager, enjoys helping behind the scenes and is energized by displaying acts of kindness towards those in need. Before marriage, she was part of a team that managed computer security at the national headquarters of Hewitt Associates in Deerfield, Illinois.

The Trucksess Family

God blessed us with three children that love sports, church and the family cat.

The Church We Serve

I have the privilege of serving as the Senior Pastor of CrossWinds Church ( CrossWinds Church is an Evangelical Free Church with campuses in Spirit Lake and Spencer, IA. The church is driven by our mission of: Passion for God, compassion for our neighbor and reaching our region, and beyond, with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.