Video now HD

We are reworking our approach to site video. The first priority is to move the quality to 720p HD. As of August 24, 2011, that is good to go. Further upgrades will include better camera positions and lighting.

If you are looking for an index of all site video, check out our page in Vimeo.

For those with Apple TV, check out Christ 2R Culture on the new Vimeo tab. Our channel is now 720p.

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Introducing Faith Connections!

Pastor Kurt introduces "Faith Connections", the new way of connecting with the Faith Church family.

New Faith Connection Logo

This new banner logo will be making its way around church in the next few weeks. Can't wait to share what is just right around the corner!

Faith Connections Logo - Banner

Christ Community Satellite Campus - Omaha, NE

This past weekend, I traveled with members of the Leadership Board to Christ Community Church in Omaha, NE. In the past, they planted churches. Today, they are using a satellite campus approach. Their main satellite campus in Bellevue has operated for three years. We hoped to learn from their experience, see their satellite campus in action and pick up good ideas along the way.

Saturday evening we spent at The Wing Stop. A great little restaurant for fries and hot wings. Our special guest was Steve Walters. He is the campus pastor of the satellite campus in Bellevue. We peppered him with questions all evening. We also enjoyed time with Robert Hoekstra’s son, Joel. Can you tell they are related?

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Should CrossWinds Church Open Another Campus?

Should Faith Church Open a Satellite Campus? - Q&A with Pastor Kurt - May 22, 2011

Where did the idea of a Satellite campus come from?
Three years ago, God placed it on our hearts to pay off our mortgage and release funds for ministry. This fall, we completed our mortgage but found ourselves facing emergency repairs of our roof and basement. In the last seven months, the debt of $211,000 for a new roof and basement repair is almost complete.
With God placing his fingerprints on these critical financial projects, the leadership believes God is moving us forward to consider other opportunities for ministry. Statistics reveal more of our visitors are coming from a distance. Statistics also reveal that our main drawing card is our worship service. We began experimenting with the idea of what it would take to make the worship service available to more people who come from a distance. As part of that research, we ran across the concept of Satellite campuses. This may be the next big step God is leading
Faith Church to take.

What is a Satellite Church?
A satellite church is one church meeting in multiple locations but they share a common vision, budget, leadership and board.
Satellite churches share the same name and have the same core ministries. While the worship is typically live, the teaching can be live or via video.
It is similar to franchising a church. Think of McDonalds. Whenever you see a McDonalds, you know you will find the same core menu and quality of service. Because of the positive association we have with one McDonalds, we are comfortable stepping into another. If it worked for burgers, why wouldn’t it work for a church?



Church Work Day a Success!

The Saturday morning church work day was a success. The bushes received much needed haircuts. The grass enjoyed its first dose of weed killer. The outside of the church received a needed cleanup.

Special thanks to everyone for showing up, working hard and helping the church look its best!

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Master Planning Retreat - Success

The Leadership Board Master Planning Retreat was a success! We began Friday night with a meal of chili, cornbread and chocolate moose pie. Of course, Dave brought his special friend; a bottle of "Ring of Fire" hot sauce. He spiced up one batch so nicely my stomach was still hurting three days later (No, I am not exaggerating!)


Master Planning Rocket Retreat


The Leadership Board is on their Master Planning Rocket Retreat March 11 and 12. Pray the leaders are sensitive to the Holy Spirit's direction for Faith EFC's future.

Congregational Report on Vision Trip to Prairie Lakes Church

I took a trip with four members of the Leadership Board to Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls, IA. The goal was to experience some of the creative ways they do church.


We arrived on Saturday night to watch them set up their night service, video record it, process the video and prepare it for presentation at their satellite church locations on Sunday morning.