James - Part 3 - Speaking and Thinking - CD Album


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Do Christians look at life in a different way? In this third section of James, we learn how Jesus changes the way Christians speak (3:1-12) and think (3:13-16). We learn how the Holy Spirit urges us to think about life with godly wisdom rather than the way others think with Earthly Wisdom. We see how this works itself out in some of the most difficult relational challenges, disagreements in the church (3:17-4:3).

James then helps us understand the repulsiveness of a heart that is unfaithful to Christ (4:4). While we are unfaithful, Christ is always willing to extend more grace than we have sin. The only prerequisite to receive God’s grace is that we must ask for it with humility. Approaching God with pride shuts off his grace like a faucet (4:5-6).

James shows us how to cultivate humility in our lives (4:7-10). He helps us understand how our pride causes us to slander others (4:11-12). To help us think with humility, James reminds us how we trust God for our daily needs (4:13-17).

In this third portion of James, discover how Christ changes the way we think.

Series Contents - 8 Audio CD's
  • James 3:1-12 - Weapon of Mass Destruction
    • James 3:13-16 - Saving Faith Changes My Thinking
    • James 3:17-4:3 - What’s Wrong with a Good Church Fight?
    • James 4:4 - Spiritual Adultery
    • James 4:5-6 - He Gives More Grace
    • James 4:7-10 - The Ten Commandments of James
    • James 4:11-12 - Slander!
    • James 4:13-17 - God of my iPhone
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