Welcome to the NEW Live Streaming at Faith Church


Last week, we rebuilt our live streaming platform. We want you to be aware of a number of upgrades.

  • Strengthened Internet Connection -- We removed delays in our Internet connection and obtained access to a closer streaming server. This should removed the pauses and skips many were experiencing.

  • Triple Stream Broadcasting -- We now broadcast simultaneously in three different qualities. Our servers will automatically sense the best possible quality and stream to your phone or computer accordingly: 720p HD, Medium resolution, Mobile for iOS and Android

  • DVR Capabilities -- Viewers can pause the broadcasts and move the scrubber tab backwards and forwards during broadcast to watch any number of minutes behind the service while the live broadcast is still transmitting.

  • Instant Access to Broadcasts -- Full worship service broadcasts are available immediately after broadcast on the live streaming web page. They are achieved like blog entries. You can look back on previous services beginning this weekend forward.

  • Full Screen Viewing - Hovering over the broadcast reveals a full screen option in the upper right hand corner.


Links to the live streaming page are on all Faith Church web sites. The easiest way to access it is through www.faithefree.com under the Faith Church on the Web tab.

As always, let us know about your experience through the Feedback tab in the lower right corner of the live streaming page.

We hope God uses this new technology to keep you connected to Faith Church when out of town or south for the winter. In addition, we prayerfully hope God uses these capabilities to reach our region, and beyond, with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

All for God's glory,

Pastor Kurt
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