What Bible translation does Faith Church use?

The study of the Bible is at the heart of Faith Church. Today, there are many good translations. There are also a variety of ways to bring the Bible with you. This brief guide covers our recommendations.

Get a Plan to Read the Bible

Do you have a plan to read the Bible? God's Word is powerful and will change your life. Here are a few reading plans to get started:

My all-time favorite Bible reading plan is
The Daily Bible. This is the NIV text put into chronological order so it reads like a story. It is broken into 365 sections, one for each day. It also has brief comments in the text to help explain difficult Scripture. I encourage you to order this from Amazon. You will be richly blessed.


New Logos Web Services

I am a fan of Logos Bible Software for much of my Bible study. Logos has just announced new sites to help implement its master plan. I encourage you to check them out!

Books.Logos.com shows a content-specific search interface for scanned books from a seminary library. (We plan to link Logos Bible Software 4 to this site in the future.)
Sermons.Logos.com shows how community-created content can be shared with new users on the Internet and (through a section in the Passage Guide) inside Logos Bible Software.
Biblia.com is an alternate interface to most of the content in your digital library that is easy to use over the web. For some users it may be all they need for simple Bible reading; for others it’s a way to check a book when they aren’t at their own computer.
Topics.Logos.com exposes the Logos Controlled Vocabulary to everyone, and lets users contribute web links and share reading lists that will automatically show up in Logos 4.
Almanac.Logos.com lets our community of users search and edit a growing database of information on the Christian world (particularly seminaries, at this point). This database provides a platform for connecting users by school, organization, denomination, and area of interest.
Api.Biblia.com offers the power of Logos Bible Software to other web sites, enabling mashups and creative ideas we never imagined.