What Bible translation does Faith Church use?

The study of the Bible is at the heart of Faith Church. Today, there are many good translations. There are also a variety of ways to bring the Bible with you. This brief guide covers our recommendations.

The primary Bible translation of Faith Church is the ESV. This translation was chosen for its precision. In addition, one of the better study Bibles available is the ESV Study Bible. This is why we chose the translation. You can order it from Amazon or stop by the Ministry Connections Center just outside of the main sanctuary doors on a Sunday morning. The center sells slimline leather ESV Bibles for only $10. We buy in bulk to give the best deal we can.

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The secondary Bible translation is the NLT. While the ESV translation is a great Bible, it is not for everyone. If you are a young adult or a new Christian, we recommend the NLT translation. While not having the technical precision of the ESV, it is very readable. We also sell these at the Ministry Connections Center for only $15.


For the first time in history, there is a strong cultural trend away from printed Bibles. With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, Bible apps are the way to travel. While there are many good ones, we recommend the following:

ESV Bible App - This free app has the entire ESV Bible. It allows highlighting and notes.


ESV Study Bible App - This has the same feature as the free app but includes extensive study notes. It is $14.99.


YouVersion - This free app has multiple translation, reading plans and a variety of features. It is one of the most popular Bible apps.


Logos Desktop Software - This is a high powered application for Mac and Windows. There are thousands of resources to go with your Bible study. You can create any kind of reading plan in any Bible or book. You can highlight in dozens of styles plus take notes and do extensive Bible and library searches. All your work in the program is stored in their cloud so you never need to worry about losing it. It also stays in sync with your mobile devices.


Logos Smartphone Software - This is my personal favorite. It has many of the features of the desktop version. All notes, highlighting and reading plans stay in sync with the desktop program. There are thousands of resources available.


Vyrso - This is a reading program similar to the logos mobile software. There is an extensive library of popular reading Christian books available at the Vyrso.com site. They join your Logos library to keep everything in one place

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