At What Age Should a Parent Speak to Their Child About Sex?

Christian parents should be the first to speak to their children on these issues. The best age to speak to a child on these issues varies but if a parent is to err, it is better to err by bringing up this subject too early than too late.

It is important for a parent to ensure the lines of communication with their child in this area are open and honest. A parent must remain aware of questions their children have and speak to their children with frank biblical wisdom.

A parent should never shame or embarrass their child while speaking on this subject. They should be treated as an emerging adult. As a general rule, discussion with children should begin at a very young age concerning inappropriate touch. This helps a child prevent sexual abuse. See This discussion should grow to include discussion on romantic and other physical touch by the time the child is age 10. It is healthy for children to see appropriate marital hugging and kissing between their parents. Their first introduction to marital intimacy should be the basic affection they see demonstrated by their parents.

Sexual discussion with a child should include teaching on the changes their bodies will undergo as they reach puberty. The discussion should include teaching on how sex is reserved for a married man and woman and how it is beautiful inside the marriage covenant.

If your child has a trust in God’s Word, your words will be supported when your children can see they align with the Bible. Use Scripture to support your teaching when possible.

Sadly, the average boy sees his first internet pornography by age eleven, which means waiting until later than age ten is often too late to establish a solid biblical foundation for sexuality. By age eleven, the first bricks are already laid by the world.