How Do I Know If My Spouse Is The One God Wants For Me If We Met And Married When We Were Not Believers?

This is an easy question. If you are married, you are with the right one! Marriage are not like cars, they do not come with a transmission that can move you backwards and forwards. There is only one gear and that is straight ahead! When you face marital problems, you focus on working through them, not escaping them and wondering if you married the wrong person.

If you are wondering if you should have married a previous girlfriend, put it out of your head. At this point, the right choice is to become the right mate for your mate.

What I find interesting is the same God who resurrected Christ from the dead, specializes in resurrecting dead marriages. He also specializes in taking mates that at one time appeared to be the wrong choice and through the Holy Spirit, transforming them into just the right choice.

Don’t try to escape your mate, focus on being the right mate. Prayerfully ask God to touch your marriage.