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Philemon 16-25 - Restoration

How do Christians restore broken friendships? How does the gospel change the way we try to put broken relationships together? Join us as we see how the way Christian forgiveness is different.

Philemon 16-25 - Restoration - Quicktime and iPhone Audio - AAC
Philemon 16-25 - Restoration - Manuscript - PDF
Philemon 16-25 - Restoration - Sermon Handout - PDF
Philemon 16-25 - Restoration - Editable Sermon Notes - DOCX

Philemon 1-15 - Forgiveness

We live in a revenge culture. Movies like Rambo and Braveheart glorify getting even after we are hurt. Forgiveness is considered weakness, yet he Bible tells us forgiveness is the only way forward. As Christians, we alone have the power to forgive like Jesus because we know what it means to be completely forgiven by Jesus. Join us as we study what forgiveness looks like in real life between two of Paul's friends, Onesimus and Philemon.

Philemon 1-15 - Forgiveness - Quicktime and iPhone Audio - AAC
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