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Genesis 3:1-24 - Sin

Something has gone incredibly wrong. The police are never unemployed. The army is always growing. Funeral directors are in a recession proof business. Hospitals and doctors are always in demand. The world is not becoming a better place to live. People steal and kill. Our lives are ravaged by cancer, sickness and broken relationships. Everything in us tells us this isn't the way God created life to be. Genesis 3 tells us what went wrong.

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James 1:13-14 - The Blame Game


Whose fault is it anyway? When things don't go the way we expect, we are quick to blame someone or something else for our problems. Unfortunately, when we blame others, we eliminate the possibility of a change. In this message, we learn how the Blame Game is played and how to get out of it. What will it take to end the Blame Game? What will it take to avoid falling to the temptations we face every day? Join Pastor Kurt as we discover answers to these questions.

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