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Genesis 19 - Sodom

Jessa Duggar, the 22 year old reality star of the TLC series
19 Kids & Counting, took to social media with an unpopular post. She warned her fans about God’s judgment. She warned that many justify their lifestyle by believing in a loving God who doesn’t judge. She cautioned that God will not hold back judgment forever. The hours of our time on earth are ticking away. She especially warned those living in fornication, adultery and sexual sin that those who practice these sins are the very kind of people that will face hell. While her post was shocking and unpopular, it was true. In Genesis 19, we find a sample of God’s judgment for sexual sin plus his undeserved kindness to one man and his family in spite of their sin.

Genesis 19 - Sodom - Quicktime and iPhone Audio - M4A
Genesis 19 - Sodom - Manuscript - PDF
Genesis 19 - Sodom - Sermon Handout - PDF
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