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Colossians 1:15-23 - Who Is Jesus?

Jesus asked his disciples the most important question in the history of the world. Who do you say I am? Today, there is no shortage of answers. Jehovah's Witnesses claim Jesus is the archangel Michael and the first created being. Mormons say he is the half-brother of Lucifer and we can become like him. Islam claims his is a good prophet, but inferior to Mohammed. Hindus claim he is a holy man. In this study we learn what the Bible says is the true identity of Jesus and why understanding his true identity changes your life.

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Mitt Romney was a potential candidate for president in the 2008 Republican National Convention. His business success and moral values made him a naturally appealing option. Many Americans questioned his religious beliefs. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Is Mormonism was just another branch of the Christian church or is it something completely different? Join us as we go behind the scene to learn the little-known story about Mormon church, its colorful history and unique beliefs.

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