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John 14:1-14 - On Mission

A recent Pew Forum survey revealed 57 percent of evangelical church attenders say many religions lead to eternal life. 70 percent of Americans with a religious affiliation share that view. Today, we don't believe everyone has a right to their opinion but we now believe all opinions are equally right. In John 14, Jesus prepares his disciples for his departure and for what they need to know to keep them on the mission once he is gone. A big part of that is understand how unique Christ is. As we study this chapter, we won't just learn what kept the disciples on mission but we learn how to stay on the mission Jesus gives to us today.

John 14:1-14 - On Mission - Quicktime and iPhone Audio - M4A
John 14:1-14 - On Mission - Manuscript - PDF
John 14:1-14 - On Mission - Sermon Handout - PDF
John 14:1-14 - On Mission - Small Group Work Sheet - PDF