The Goodness of God - Congregational Book


In our Reasons to Believe your Bible series, I discovered we are a congregation of readers. We sold 200 copies of Dr. Tribelhorn's book, My Professor Says the Bible is a Myth. Learning from that, I hope to feature a key book to supplement future teaching series at the Resource Center.

For James - Part 1 - Trials and Temptations, we are featuring The Goodness of God by Randy Alcorn. This is an excellent and readable book dealing with the problem of suffering and pain to supplement what we are learning in the first portion of the book of James.. Alcorn avoids superficial or sentimental responses, and instead presses forward boldly to explore all the troubling doubts and questions that agitate within us when we confront suffering and evil. The issues are far from simple, the answers far from easy—but Alcorn shows how the way of suffering—a path that Jesus himself followed more than anyone else—can ultimately become a journey into wholeness and even logic-defying joy.

Product Detail
  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages

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