Christmas from the Book of Psalms - CD Album


The Ministry Connections Center is now stocking "Christmas from the Book of Psalms - CD Album" - $7

At Christmas, we turn to the gospels to remember the birth of Jesus. Did you know Christ is also found in the Old Testament? The book of Psalms is quoted more frequently in the New Testament than any other book. The quotes are all about Jesus!

In this series, we study some of the Psalms the early church saw telling them about Jesus. In these Psalms we get a glimpse at the glory of the exalted Christ, our helplessness apart from Christ, the new identity that is ours because of Christ and what will happen when Christ returns.

See Christmas like you have never seen it before, from the book of Psalms.

Series Contents - 4 Audio CD's
  • Psalm 14 - God came to save fools.
  • Psalm 45 - Who is Jesus?
  • Psalm 2 - Immediate and Unconditional Surrender
  • Psalm 110 - The Rest of the Christmas Story
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