Read the Bible in a Year

With the new year about to begin, I encourage you to make a commitment to read the Bible in a year. There are a number of ways to do this.

One is using a reading guide. An online guide I enjoy that allows you to print a reading plan is the Blue Letter Bible - Old and New Testament

A great resource for a other reading plans is found at The Blue Letter Bible reading plan page.

Another popular approach is to buy a Bible divided into 365 readings. My favorites are:


The Narrated Bible by F. LaGard Smith


The NLT One Year Chronological Bible


Increasingly popular are computer Bibles that are available for mobile phones. These have great reading plans available within them. We recommend YouVersion , which is free. It is also available in the Apple and Android App store.


If you own the ESV Study Bible, you can get access to that Bible online. It will create a daily reading plan and even read the text to you. The ESV Study Bible Online also has great study notes in addition to the reading plans. This study Bible also has a great app available in the Apple and Android app store.


My personal favorite is not free. It is Logos. You can purchase any Bible and create a reading plan for any Bible or book in your online library. It also has Bible apps available in the Apple and Android online store.


Another popular Bible reading plan for the tech savvy among us is goTandem. goTandem delivers the Bible directly to you, exactly when you need it, via calls, texts and emails -- providing you multiple opportunities to receive, reflect and respond to the Word of God. These simple, daily steps are a great way to help you stay engaged in the Bible each day.

The bottom line is Christians love God’s Word. I can not emphasize enough the joy that comes with regularly reading God’s Word. You will be amazed to see how God applies his Word to your life throughout your day.

Pick a plan and on January 1st, begin!
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