Reasons to Believe Your Bible

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Is believing the Bible a leap of faith? Are there any rational reasons to trust the Bible is the Word of God? In Reasons to Believe Your Bible, we learn Christians aren’t expected to check their brains at the door. Rather, our mind should feed our faith. In Logical Reasons, we discover how the all-or-nothing claims of the Bible don’t allow us to consider it just a good book. In Historical Reasons and Prophetic Reasons, we look at the Bible’s solid connection with history. In Scientific Reasons, we wrestle with the Genesis account of creation versus the theory of evolution taught in high school biology. In Providential Reasons, we interact with Dan Brown’s novel, The DaVinci Code, to learn the true story of how the books in our Bible were collected into the Bible we hold today. In Personal Reasons, we discover the unique transforming power of the Bible to change our lives.

As a bonus, the series concludes with a message from archaeological scholar, Dr. Tom Tribelhorn, author of
My Professor Says the Bible is a Myth, as he equips us defend our faith in the academic world.

Series Contents - 4 Audio CD's
  • Logical Reasons
  • Historical Reasons
  • Prophetic Reasons
  • Christological Reasons
  • Scientific Reasons
  • Providential Reasons
  • Personal Reasons
  • Archaeology and the Bible - Dr. Tom Tribelhorn.
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