Is Divorce Ever An Option?

There are biblically acceptable grounds for divorce. Experience has shown me these grounds are rarely met in most divorce cases. Since this is a complex issue where good biblical scholars disagree, I put together a few key biblical principles to help guide our thinking in this area.

Is It Sinful To Put Your Daughter On Birth Control?

This is a great question. When a daughter is dating, parents are always concerned her boyfriend will not treat her with respect and purity. Parents are not only concerned their daughter could lose her virginity, they are concerned she will conceive a child out of wed-lock.

Is Any Form of Sexual Contact Permissible? Can I Go By The Rule That As Long As Nobody Gets Hurt, It Is OK?

The New Testament contains two letters Paul wrote to the city of Corinth. After examining these letters, it doesn’t take long to realize the city of Corinth was a city struggling with sexual sin. It was a city that housed the temple of Aphrodite. Worship in the temple involved use of one of the over one thousand temple prostitutes in employed. The nickname for a prostitue in the ancient world was “a Corinthian girl.” Fornication in Greek was nicknamed “Corinthianizing.” Without a doubt, this was a city caught in a web of sexual sin.

How Do I Tell My Kids Premarital Sex Is Wrong When I Indulged In It Myself?

This is not hard to answer. Simply tell your kids you messed up. You sinned and you regret it. You don’t want your children to make the same mistakes you did and pay the same, or an even steeper, consequences.

What Should I Do If My Spouse Is Not Taking Good Care of Himself/Herself?

First, be gentle when you talk with your spouse on this issue. Find the right time and do not speak in anger or frustration.  When you talk, tell them what you find attractive about them beyond the physical. Praise them as a mate and friend.

Is It Acceptable For a Wife To Wear Revealing Clothing At Home?

As a general rule, men are highly visual. Men find revealing clothing attractive.

In the Song of Solomon, the Shulamite is protective of her charms in public. In chapter 7 of the book, she wears revealing clothing for her husband in private.

A husband is richly blessed by a wife that takes interest in being visually appealing to him. This kind of clothing should be worn for a husband’s eyes only.

Portions in this post taken from Mark Driscoll Sermon Archive

Why Did God Create Marriage?

God created the institution of marriage to be a living picture that helps us comprehend the relationship of Christ to his church. Ephesians 5 unpacks this and challenges our 21st century understanding of marriage.

What If a Job Comes Between a Couples Love Life?

Cindy and I understand this challenge. In the first year of our marriage, Cindy worked 12 hour shifts at night, while I attended school during the day. I remember asking her to listen to one of my first sermons in our apartment. I stacked cardboard boxes on top of one another in the living room to form a make-shift pulpit. It was 7:00 in the morning, Cindy just arrived home from work. She agreed to be my practice congregation as she slouched in a chair in front of me. Two minutes into my first sermon, she was sound asleep. That was not a good omen for the future! We knew jobs needed to change. They eventually did.

Is It Wrong For a Couple To Have Sex Anally or Orally?

How Often Should a Married Couple Be Intimate?

Sex is not like vitamins. It doesn’t come with a recommended daily allowance. That being said, the most vocal complaint in marriages is that it is not enjoyed frequently enough.


What Do You Do When Your Husband Works Long Hours And You Have Little Time For a Date or Money for a Babysitter?

This is a great question. The economy is not great. People just can’t go out to fancy restaurants. If mom is the primary care giver because you have kids and dad is the primary income, that means you probably won’t have a lot of extra income floating around. You have to be prudent with your money. Here are a few ideas:

I Am Single, Should I Use a Dating Web Site Like or

The web brought a new dynamic to relationships. It is possible to meet and converse on-line with people you would never normally meet. While this new virtual reality provides exciting opportunities to meet Christians, it also provides a unique set of pitfalls. Here are a few things to remember when using the internet to meet new people.