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Genesis 34 - Date Rape

Isn't partial obedience better then no obedience when it comes to obeying God? Isn't close enough good enough? In this chapter we see the consequences of Jacob's partial obedience and how his family suffered when he didn't pay attention to obeying God's Word. In a similar way, giving casual attention to obeying God can lead to unintended disaster in our lives as well.

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Genesis 17 - Covenant

The wife of Robert McQuilken, the former President of Columbia college and seminary, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. At the time, his career as a college and seminary president and sought after speaker was thriving. What should he do? How could he balance the two loves of his life? For a while he tried to maintain two commitments. By 1990 he knew a choice must to be made. He made a choice that few man have the courage to do. He walked away from his thriving public career to be the care taker of his wife until she passed into the hands of Jesus in 2003. What empowered Dr. McQuilken to make such a bold decision? Covenant. He made a covenant promise in his wedding to take care of her for better or worse, richer or for poorer, sickness and in health until death do they part. Robert understood that the covenant love God has for him is the same covenant love he promised to have for her. Join us as we learn about God's rock solid covenant of love and how it enables us to have that same kind of covenant love towards our spouse.

Genesis 17 - Covenant - Quicktime and iPhone Audio - M4A
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